SEBAC-Nepal has implemented a total of 14 projects in Nutrition, Health and Education themes and has achieved following achievements in the sector.

Key Quantitative Achievements in Nutrition, Health and Education Sector:

  • 120,000 population benefited through nutritious food improving their health status
  • Established Integrated Nutrition Corner and distributed the Family planning kit in 75 health post
  • Vegetable Seed distribution to 18,860 Households of 1000 days mother, for home gardening
  • 6,942 households of pregnant women visited for integrated nutrition counselling
  • Reached 20,674 school students with hygiene and sanitation activities and organized school led nutrition, health and sanitation campaigns
  • Formed and mobilized 541 child clubs, 25 sanitation and hygiene clubs and oriented 250 child club members on nutrition, health and education
  • Supported for enrollment of 75% of deprived out-of-school children
  • Reached 108 households with HIV/AIDS awareness campaigns
  • Nutrition measurement screening of 599 children identification and management of Moderate Acute Malnutrition (MAM) and Severe Acute Malnutrition (SAM) cases among children and mothers
  • Nutrition education provided to 25,077 beneficiaries and care takers to enhance knowledge on optimal nutrition and feeding practice;
  • Self-Applied Technique for Quality Health (SATH) tool was implemented in 25 health mother’s groups
  • raised mass awareness campaigns and activities for encouraging the use of vitamin supplements, and oral re-hydration solution in cases of diarrhea, among others.
  • Contributed to achieving the goals set by the Multi-Sector Nutrition Plan of Nepal, and supporting the government to expand health and nutrition services for adolescents
  • 3,500 women and adolescent girls provided non-formal education sessions