Working Approaches

  • Gender Equality, Diversity and Social Inclusion (GEDSI),
  • Leave-no-one-behind,
  • Do-no-harm and Conflict Sensitivity,
  • Advocacy, Safeguarding and Participatory
  • Empowerment,
  • Capacity Building,
  • Transparency & Accountability,
  • Sustainability

The organization endeavours to integrate peacebuilding, human rights, and gender equality, disability and social inclusion (GEDSI) as cross-cutting themes into its diverse spectrum of development interventions.

It uses various lenses, "Do-no-harm" for conflict-sensitive program management, “leave-no-one-behind” for gender equality and social inclusion, and “no exceptions for any individual” for human rights while implementing projects.

Advocacy and empowerment hold the key to its working approach. It emphasizes justice, human rights, peace, and democracy through its advocacy initiatives. Also, it strengthens people's ability to claim and enjoy their rights through an array of empowerment activities.

Engaging communities throughout a project cycle for sustainability is another facet of its work process. This is possible through intensive participation of target groups, coordination with representatives of local governments, and collaboration with local resource persons, and other stakeholders in program constituencies. It acknowledges the importance of accountability and transparency and incorporates them into service delivery.

As much as possible, it strives to apply a financial, institutional, environmental, technological, and social sustainability approach (FIETS) to its projects and programs.