SEBAC-Nepal has implemented a total of 15 projects in the Governance, Advocacy, Justice and Empowerment themes and has achieved following achievements in the sector.

Key Quantitative Achievements in Governance, Advocacy, Justice and Empowerment Sector: 

  • 100,000 women and young girls empowered through advocacy and leadership initiatives
  • Mobilized 245 right based networks (pressure groups),
  • 685 women right forums established and empowered for justice and rights of the women
  • 1250 women engaged at decision making processes at the community level
  • 2200 women elected/nominated at the vital positions of local level users’ groups, network and other groups
  • 260 women owned land/houses through land certificates
  • 195 women elected as political representatives in the local government
  • 12,000 women participated meaningfully in various workshop, seminar, conference and raised their voices of justice, expressed their needs, opinions, etc.
  • 9,000 women and men changed their gender roles at the house and community level through community empowerment program.
  • 26 Community Peace Centres (CPCs) formed and mobilized in conflict, peace, legal services and reconciliation process;
  • Imparted a number of leadership and legal literacy training to 675 elected female representatives of the local government to make them capable in decision-making process;
  • Over 80 CSO networks formed, established and strengthened for creating right holders’ voices;
  • Imparted legal awareness campaign in 75 communities for eliminating harmful socio-cultural practices (such as Chhaupadi, child marriage, polygamy marriage), domestic violence, and against caste- and gender-based discrimination and violation in the community;
  • Provided paralegal support to 99 women groups (19 Dalit/Janajati and 80 others) through paralegal program and training;
  • Awareness campaign/movement in 60 communities for community justice for victim/survivors, human rights, and peace building.