SEBAC-Nepal has implemented a total of 19 projects in the Water Sanitation and Hygine (WASH) themes and has achieved following achievements in the sector.

Key Quantitative Achievements in WASH Sector: 

  • 616 water supply schemes constructed benefitting 450,000 population
  • Established and mobilised 616 new Water Users and Sanitation Committee
  • 222 water safety plans developed
  • Facilitated 7 districts to achieve Open Defecation Free (ODF) status
  • 410,000 safe and hygienic gender- and child-friendly toilets (health posts, schools, public places and households) constructed
  • 5,550 Hand washing facilities installed
  • Awareness raising and training to 359,000 community households on sanitation and hygiene
  • 700 schools included with WASH awareness raising